Alternatives to Religion

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Campaigning for Secular Education

The National Secular Society has a long history of campaigning for secular education in the UK.

Their protest against religious schools has been a key part of their activities since the last century and has attracted support from household names such as Bertrand Russell, Harold Pinter and Michael Foot.

To raise the profile of the issue amongst the public, the NSS have created leaflets, held lectures, and run month-long events.

Image © National Secular Society

Humanist Library and Archives reference: NSS/6/5

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Secularism in the UK and Internationally

Throughout the 20th century the National Secular Society kept records of local secular society branches and affiliated groups. This included organisations both in the UK and abroad.

From the National Secular Society archive, this lovely photograph (including misbehaving children, glamorous women and an early motorised coach) captures the Birmingham Branch on their annual outing in 1926.

The archives also includes registers of member branches and applications to form a branch. Notable applications come from as far afield as Lagos, Nigeria and Fyzabad, Trinidad.

Image © National Secular Society

Humanist Library and Archives reference: NSS/7/17, NSS/4/3/1, NSS/4/2/2

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